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Showroom cars. Hand-picked classics guaranteed to turn heads.

The stock at Fairmont Sports and Classics represents the best available examples of over 50 iconic, truly special vehicles. Every car currently on display, or imminently arriving at our Brentwood showroom, is listed here.

Unlike modern cars, every classic car really is unique. Whilst online sales portal pictures and descriptions may appear similar for the same model and year, each vehicle’s condition and provenance will differ on inspection.

Some will be original. Others will have modifications. Many will be refurbished, and others completely rebuilt. Always physically view when comparing seemingly similar candidates. Less than 10% of the vehicles we examine meet our exacting standards for purchase and resale.

Aside from physical condition, ownership and maintenance history will also influence values. Our competitive pricing is fair and reflects the lengths we go to present fully vetted vehicles that we believe will provide worry-free, enjoyable ownership. For the ultimate buying experience, simply visit our showroom in person.

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GT1300 Junior 1.3 2dr Saloon Petrol

Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior

Classic Italian Motoring

  • Year 1972 (M Reg)
  • Mileage 20,159
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Transmission Manual
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Spider 2000 2.0 2dr Convertible Manual Petrol

Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce

Exceptional, Classic Italian Motoring

  • Year 1988 (F Reg)
  • Mileage 35,000
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Transmission Manual
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